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Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

  • Bench and Bowl Scrapers
    Bread is delicious when fresh and homemade. Use these bread tools and accessories to make baking bread at home even easier.
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  • Kid's Tools
    Kitchen tools and cookbooks especially designed for kids. Inspire kids to get excited about cooking and helping in the kitchen with tools their own size, everything from rolling pins to spoons. Cookbooks for kids will have great ideas for projects and recipes kids can help with or even do by themselves.
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  • Knives/Slicers/Peelers
    Cutlery includes knives, slicers and peelers of all kinds. Each piece of cutlery has a few jobs that is does best, be sure to use knives or peelers for their intended purpose to keep your fingers safe. Keep all your blades sharp for ease in cutting and your own safety.
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  • Measuring Cups, Spoons, and Scales
    Precise and accurate measuring is important for lots of recipes. Measuring cups and measuring spoons are available in different styles to suit personal preferences as well as specific measuring needs. Be sure to use liquid measuring cups when measuring liquid and dry scoops when measuring dry ingredients for most accurate results.
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  • Shakers and Sifters
    Shakers are ideal for shaking out flour, powdered sugar, cocoa powder and sprinkles. A fine mesh is ideal for dusting work surfaces and larger holes work nicely for coarser items such as sugar or salt.
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  • Spatulas
    Spatulas are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and materials. Choose a spatula to fit your specific needs, whether you need a tool that is heat resistant, has a spoon, scrapes the side of the bowl clean, etc.
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  • Thermometers and Timers
    Thermometers are an essential tool for monitoring temperatures. A candy thermometer is critical for making candy, while an oven or freezer thermometer ensure that the oven is baking properly and the products in the freezer are being stored as a safe temperature. Digital models are now available and may be easier to read than traditional dial or tube models. Be sure to regularly test your thermometer to ensure accuracy.
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  • Utensils, General
    Kitchen utensils include useful handheld gadgets and tools. There is more to kitchen utensils than spoons and spatulas, find a tool to stir, chop, peel, scoop or brush whatever you need.
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