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Decorating Tips and Accessories

  • Decorating Sets
    Cake decorating sets include a variety of useful tips and tools for cake decorating. A small set is a great way for a beginner cake decorator to start practicing with basic cake decorating tips, bags and tools. Larger sets include a variety of piping tips and often include a case or box for storing tips in an organized manner.
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  • Flower Nails and Lifters
    Flower nails give the decorator more control for piping flowers. Simply roll the nail between your fingers to create a mini turntable for ease in flower making. Flower nails are available in several shapes and diameters to accommodate a variety of flower styles and sizes.
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  • Icing Bags and Accessories
    Decorating bags, also commonly called pastry bags can be fitted with various shapes of decorating tips and partially filled with icing. Reusable bags may be made from canvas or plastic can be refilled and reused over and over again, they come in a nice range of sizes. Clear plastic disposable bags are another option that are great when using several colors and wanting to avoid washing lots of bags.
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  • Parchment Rolls and Triangles
    Parchment triangles are great for making parchment cones. A parchment cone can be used in place of a pastry or decorating bags. They allow for easy clean-up, just throw away when done. Parchment cones give a very fine point and work very well for piping fine details with chocolate and royal icing.
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  • Piping Tips
    Round cake decorating tips or tubes are used for outlining, writing, dots, balls, beads, string work, filigree, lattice, lacework, figure piping, cornelli, curly lace and stems. Icing tips are available in several shapes and often each shape has many sizes available. Usually tips that are same shape have a similar number such as round tips are #0 to #12, the larger the number the larger the opening in the decorating tip.
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  • Tip Holders, Caddies, and Tools
    Whether you enjoy cake decorating professionally or just for fun it doesn't take long to accumulate lots of cake decorating tips. Use a tool caddy or tip holder box to keep your tips and tools handy and organized. Tip storage boxes also help prevent decorating tips from getting misshapen and make it easy to quickly select the tip you are needing.
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  • Tip Sets
    Cake decorating tip sets are a great way for the beginner cake decorator to get started! Decorating tip sets range in size and usually include a variety of popular tips. Specialty tip sets may also be available for the advanced cake decorator.
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