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Icing and Fondant Tools

  • Airbrush Equipment and Projectors
    We carry a selection of airbrush equipment from top brands. Find compressors, guns, and other tools. Beginners may like the convenience of a set with everything they need to get started. Kopykake projectors are available by special order.
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  • Decorating Tips and Accessories
    We carry a huge selection of icing bags, tips, and accessories. Browse hundreds of icing tips, or choose from the many sets. Find piping bags in several sizes and materials. Beginner and experienced decorators will love our assortment of decorating sets.
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  • Fondant Supplies
    Find everything you need to work with fondant. Rolling pins, cutting mats, and fondant smoothers are necessary to cover cakes with fondant. We have a huge selection of modeling tools and crimpers. Several clay extruders and accessories are available.
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  • Icing Spatulas and Smoothers
    Here you will find the tools you need to professionally smooth iced cakes. We carry various sizes of icing spatulas in both angled and straight. Find the right spatula for any project size. Bowl scrapers and dough knives also work well for making perfectly smooth edges on cakes.
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  • Lace Mats
    View mats used to make edible cake lace. Mats range from small, accent piece sizes to large, full lace sheet sizes. Ribbon and border mats also available. These quality lace mats produce delicate pieces of lace when used with an edible cake lace mix product.
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  • Miscellaneous Decorating Tools
    Shop a variety of tools and supplies to use with fondant and icing. Here, you will find all the components for making gum paste flowers including, stamens, wire, tape, and flower formers. Shop stamping and gelatin supplies. Cake dividers and garland markers make marking cakes easy. You will also find many styles of paint brushes.
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  • Texture Mats, Stencils, and Imprinters
    Find a variety of useful tools for creating textures and designs. We have a large assortment of texture mats to choose from. Sheet sizes vary for projects of any size and may be used with fondant, buttercream, and chocolate. We carry dozens of intricately cut stencils. Cake imprinters are available to mark designs or lettering into icing and cake combs easily create texture on an iced cake.
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