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Round cake decorating tips or tubes are used for outlining, writing, dots, balls, beads, string work, filigree, lattice, lacework, figure piping, cornelli, curly lace and stems. Icing tips are available in several shapes and often each shape has many sizes available. Usually tips that are same shape have a similar number such as round tips are #0 to #12, the larger the number the larger the opening in the decorating tip.

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Piping Tips

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Piping Tip or Coupler Type
Basketweave (8)
Bismark (3)
Calligraphy (4)
Closed Star (22)
Coupler (5)
Drop Flower (22)
Flower Petal (31)
Hair/Grass (3)
Leaf (17)
Open Star (32)
Quick Icer (2)
Round (34)
Ruffle (16)
Russian (4)
Special Use (21)
Metal (74)
Plastic (26)
Stainless Steel (128)
under $4.99 (223)
$5.00 to $9.99 (3)
Ateco (94)
Bakery Crafts (71)
CK Products (22)
PME Knightsbridge, Ltd (17)
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226 Results
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