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1 Gallon Perma Ice Icing

1 Gallon Perma Ice Icing

- Non Edible
Units:1 gal. jug
Item Number: 35-501
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Magic Line Perma-Ice is ideal icing for decorating dummy cakes, show cakes, ice cream displays and more. It is a non-edible, artificial icing specially formulated for creating beautiful display cakes. It looks exactly like ice cream if you use an ice cream dipper (tint a bit off white with paint from set #35-550 or acrylic paint). It may be thinned with water to appear as a milk shake, ice cream topping, etc. Slowly whip Perma Ice, then put in a pastry bag with a large star tip. Pipe on artificial sundae or milkshake to look like whip cream. Roll Perma Ice into a ball, paint red with acrylic paint when dry and when that dries, put on the fake Perma Ice "whipped cream" to look like a cherry. It comes a bit airy. Put in your mixer to get it creamy. Beat on low speed to prevent air bubbles. Thin it a bit for icing the cake. It may be sanded for a really smooth look. Colors will bleed if food products, such as sprinkles are added while Perma Ice is even a bit damp. Perma Ice is ready to use. Color with color set #35-550 or with acrylic colors. It is washable and saves time of repeatedly decorating dummy cakes and spares frustration of having cakes damaged while in transit or display. The base coat of Perma-Ice takes about 2 hours to dry, after icing the cake. Roses, borders and thicker decorations take 12 to 24 hours to dry. Speed dry by directing a fan towards the cake. One gallon decorates about a 3 or 4 tier wedding cake or about six 8" round cakes, depending on the amount of decoration. Use the same decorating tools as for real cakes. Clean decorating tools with soap and water immediately after use to prevent hardening. Bakeries often ice cakes with Perma Ice and decorate with royal icing. The royal icing may be washed off, but the Perma Ice remains and may be redecorated.

Non edible item
If using as decoration on a real cake, pieces should be removed before serving.

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