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Rigg - Decorated Gingerbread Book

Rigg - Decorated Gingerbread Book

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With a lump of gingerbread dough and a collection of cookie cutters, there's no end to the fun you can have. Get your piping bags ready and let baking queen Annie Rigg inspire you to create all sorts of cute and quirky gingerbread characters and shapes in no time. Start with the basics. Once you know how to make the ultimate gingerbread or chocolate gingerbread dough, and you have got to grips with Annie's icing techniques, you'll be ready to start decorating. Both adults and kids will love the ideas in the cute chapter. From a traditional gingerbread family to an adorable fluffy sheep, there's something here to bring a smile to someone's face. When you want to really show off your decorating skills, why not turn to the pretty chapter? Bring a box of beautifully made autumn leaf cookies to a Thanksgiving dinner, or a batch of pretty shoes to a Mother's Day tea party and you'll soon be everyone's favorite guest! Christmas, Halloween and weddings are all perfect occasions for festive gingerbread. If you're tired of bringing out the same old Christmas ornaments year after year, why not bake some little wreaths or snowflakes and hang them on the tree – perfect for nibbling on! Everyone loves gingerbread, so fill the house with the deliciously festive, spicy smell of baking cookies and start decorating!

Hardcover, full color, 62 pages.
ISBN: 9781849751896

• UPC: 9781849751896