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Shades Of Pink Cookies

Idea gallery #417
Shades Of Pink Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
valentine cookies in various shapes
royal icing mix
various shades pink food coloring
pastry bag with a #2 or #3 tip or
parchment cone with a small hole cut
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Make up a batch of your favorite rolled cookie recipe. Cut out desired shapes valentine cookies and bake. Make up a batch of royal icing from royal icing mix. Thin a portion royal icing with a bit of water so it "just" flows, but is not watery. Color royal icing in various shades of pink. When cookies are cool, ice cookies with thinned icing. Allow at least 20 minutes for royal icing to crust. Put royal icing which has been thinned very little and colored desired color, into a parchment bag with a tiny hole cut or a pastry bag, fit with tip #1. Pipe dots, lines, hearts, roses, etc. on the cookies.

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