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Skull Pirate Cupcakes

Idea gallery #1499
Skull Pirate Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
skull cupcake molds
red rolled fondant
black rolled fondant
white rolled fondant
pastry wheel
#12 decorating tip
heart cookie cutter
strip cutter
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Roll black fondant very thin. Using pastry wheel, cut a piece that fits over the eye of the mold. Cut thin strips to use for the band using strip cutter. Attach band to the skull with piping gel, then lay patch over the band. Roll red fondant thin. Using the pastry wheel, free hand roll an oval shaped scarf for the skulls head. Wrap around the top of the cupcake and fold on the one side; pinch together to secure. Cut a heart out of the red fondant, cut the heart in half. Pinch the rounded end of the heart and secure to the scarf with piping gel. Use #12 tip to cut small dots out of white fondant; attach to scarf with piping gel.
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  • Red Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
    Red Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
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  • Black Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
    Black Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
    Unit: 2 lb. tub
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  • Ravioli/Pastry Wheel
    Ravioli/Pastry Wheel
    Unit: 1
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  • Piping Gel
    Piping Gel
    Unit: 1 lb. tub
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  • #12 Round Opening Stainless Steel Tip
    #12 Round Opening Stainless St...
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  • Heart Nesting Cookie Cutter Set
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