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Golf Cookie Collection

Idea gallery #701
Golf Cookie Collection
Ingredients and Supplies
Sugar Cookie Dough
Rolled Fondant
Piping Gel
Red Food Coloring
Blue Food Coloring
Yellow Food Coloring
Brown Food Coloring
Black Food Coloring
Royal Icing
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Use a sugar cookie recipe that doesn't spread such as the one on our site. Roll cookie dough to 1/4" using perfection strips. Use golf bag cutter, shoe cutter, golf club cutter, 1" circle cutter and ice cream cone cutter. After cutting out the ice cream cone cut off the top to leave jus the cone or "tee". Bake as directed and allow to cool completely. Color small amount of fondant red, blue, yellow, brown and gray. Mix royal icing and add extra water to thin slightly. Color small amount of royal icng red, blue, yellow, brown, black and gray. Put each color of royal icing in parchment cone with small hole cut in tip. Make the golf balls by rolling out white fondant and cutting 1" circle. Attach to cookie with thin layer of piping gel. Use fondant ball tool to create several indentions in golf ball. Make golf tees by rolling out each color of fondant and cutting out tee in same manner as the cookie. Attach with piping gel and pipe detail with matching royal icing color. Roll out brown fondant for golf bag. Before placing fondant cut-out on golf bag cut off top of bag so the cookie will show. Decorate with brown, black and gray royal icing. Use white and gray fondant for shoe and golf club cookies, decorate with royal icing.
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  • White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
    White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant...
    Unit: 2 lb. tub
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  • Royal Icing Mix
    Royal Icing Mix
    Unit: 1 lb. bag
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  • Piping Gel
    Piping Gel
    Unit: 1 lb. tub
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  • Super Red Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8020)
    Super Red Americolor® Soft Gel...
    Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
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  • Royal Blue Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8002)
    Royal Blue Americolor® Soft Ge...
    Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
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  • Lemon Yellow Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8007)
    Lemon Yellow Americolor® Soft ...
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  • Super Black Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8001)
    Super Black Americolor® Soft G...
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  • 12" Parchment Triangles
    12" Parchment Triangles
    Unit: 125/pkg.
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  • Ball Modeling/Decorating Tool
    Ball Modeling/Decorating Tool
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  • Mini Round Cookie Cutter
    Mini Round Cookie Cutter
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  • Perfection Strips
    Perfection Strips
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