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Airplane Cupcakes

Idea gallery #1509
Airplane Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
standard size cupcakes
sky blue buttercream icing
white buttercream icing
tip #2A
airplane chocolate candy mold
blue candy coating
sky blue candy coating
red candy coating
white rolled fondant
mini star cutter
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Mold airplanes: Melt candy coating. Using a paint brust or small parchment bag, paint blue and red dot details into the candy mold. Allow to dry at room temperature. Fill mold with sky blue candy coating and place in freezer. When candy is cold and mold is cloudy, remove from freezer and pop candy out of molds. Roll white fondant very thin and cut tiny stars. Attach stars to airplane wings over the red circles with melted candy coating.
Pipe sky blue buttercream on top of cupcakes using tip #2A. Smooth top of cupcake. Using tip #2A and white buttercream, pipe white fluffy clouds. Nestle chocolate airplane in white fluffy cloud.
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