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Marrakech Quilted Fondant Bow Cake

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Marrakech Quilted Fondant Bow Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6", 8" and 4" square cakes
2 1/2 lbs. peach fondant
2 lbs. light orange fondant
1 1/2 lbs. pale yellow fondant
1 lb. white fondant
marrakech transfer sheet
buttercream icing
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Cover 8" cake in peach fondant, 6" cake in orange and 4" cake in yellow. Stack tiers in a rotating stairstep fashion using preferred support method. Roll out white fondant on silicone mat and cut into 10" x 16" rectangle. Place transfer sheet texture side down on fondant and place silicone mat on top with parchment paper on top of silicone mat. Use iron on medium heat and quickly move over parchment paper, not remaining in one spot for too long. Check in corner to see if cocoa butter from transfer is starting to melt. It should be melting so if necessary hold iron on longer or turn up heat slightly. Use pastry roller or rolling pin to apply even pressure on top of parchment paper. Remove top silicone mat and place fondant in refrigerator to cool melted design. Remove transfer sheet (design should have transferred to fondant, but be prepared that design may not fully transfer as when using transfer sheets with chocolate). For this cake repeat this process with 2nd 10" x 16" rectangle. Use pastry roller to cut fondant into squares and strips. Attach squares in geometric patterns on bottom two tiers, using a small amount of water to adhere fondant to cake. Use strips to create ribbons up side of top tier and form loops and tails for bow on top. Allow loops to dry on sides and when hard attach to cake with buttercream. Use white buttercream and #6 tip to pipe ball trim around base of each cake. Use #2 tip to pipe small dots outlining each square and create additional lines.
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