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Baby Baroque Cake

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Baby Baroque Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
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Bake a 2-layer 10" cake and place on 12" gold cake drum. Optional: Yellow cake with raspberry pastry filling between layers is wonderful. Ice thinnly with buttercream icing to cover the crumbs. When icing forms a crust, brush piping gel over crusted icing. Cover with rolled fondant. Color rolled fondant flesh and mold baby with rolled fondant (spray baby mold with cooking spray; push fondant in mold and use a bit more fondant to adhere to fondant in mold and pull it out. Brush brown and pink luster dust on baby's face for color. Make up a lace piece from lace maker. Lay piece over baby cavity on mold to cut out dress to fit fondant baby. After dress is cut out, attach to fondant baby with piping gel. Brush with super pearl. Color rolled fondant yellow. Roll and cut out rectangle for blanket. Mark into squares with cake cooling grid. Mark inside each square with sheep fondant embosser. Add more yellow coloring to a bit more fondant. Roll out and cut into a strip. Brush with super pearl dust to look like satin ribbon edging. Attach to "blanket" edges with piping gel. Place on top of cake and place baby on blanket. Mold sides of cake with baroque molds by spraying molds with cooking spray, wiping out excess oil and pushing rolled fondant into cavities. Push more fondant against fondant in mold cavities to adhere to the fondant in the mold cavities and put out. Brush with super pearl dust and attach to cake with piping gel.
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