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Spooky Skull Cake

Idea gallery #1300
Spooky Skull Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
skull cake pan
white fondant
black food color
burnt orange disco dust
lilac disco dust
orange food color
purple food color
ink blending tool
black airbrush color
fondant letter cutters
texture mat
piping gel
cake board
gum paste tools
buttercream icing
paint brushes
edible markers
petal dust
rolling pin
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Bake cake according to directions. Cover cake board with white fondant textured with texture mat then brush with black color filled Roll and cut black fondant for mouth, nose, and eye areas. Attach pieces with piping gel or ice whole cake with thin layer of buttercream. Cover entire cake with white fondant; carefully cut white fondant to uncover the black fondant used for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cut cracks in skull using a gumpaste tool and apply petal dust to define cracks. Mold teeth out of white fondant and attach to cake with piping gel. Place cake on textured board. Mold spiders out of purple and orange fondant, making one large ball for body and a smaller one for the head. Attach thin rolled out pieces of fondant for legs. Coat entire spiders with piping gel and brush with disco dust. Roll small balls for eyes and dot with edible marker. Cut out message with fondant cutters and attach with piping gel.
Pictured message was made with Cricut machine.
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