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Trick Relish Tray

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Trick Relish Tray
Ingredients and Supplies
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DEVILED EGGS: Make white part of egg with mold #90-2608 and white candy coating. Make yellow part of egg with yellow coating (melted with lemon crunch stirred in). Drop this mixture on the flat part of the egg and sprinkle with red sanding sugar while yellow mixture is still wet. OLIVES AND RADISHES: Use Chocopan for candy clay or mix 2 parts white melted candy coating to 1 part glucose. Let mixture set up to a workable clay. Olives: to most of the candy clay, add food coloring to achieve a deep olive green color. Add red food color to a small amount of candy clay. Form into olive shapes and mark an x on one end with a knife. Stick a piece of red candy clay on the other end. Radishes: Form white candy clay into imperfect egg shapes. Dip into melted red candy coating, setting them on parchment paper with ends down. Let set. Cut off both ends of the "radish" so the white shows. Serve on relish plate.
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