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Igloo and Penguin Snow Scene Cake

Idea gallery #1119
Igloo and Penguin Snow Scene Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
igloo cake
white fondant, black fondant
blue isomalt
white edible glitter
buttercream icing
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Bake cake in igloo pan according to mix instructions. Remove from pan and allow to cool completely. Clean pan and dust lightly with powdered sugar. Use cake scraps or rolled fondant to create hills/bumps on 16" board. Roll out white fondant and cover 16" board, including hills. While fondant is still soft make walking prints where you will be placing penguins. Roll out white fondant and gently place in igloo pan. Carefully smooth fondant into pan and press firmly to create impression on fondant. Remove excess fondant from base of cake pan and cut out around igloo door. Spread thin layer of buttercream on igloo cake and quickly flip fondant lined pan on top of igloo cake. Gently smooth fondant around cake and trim bottom edge if necessary. Mold piece of black fondant into door by pressing into pan and attach to cake with a thin layer of buttercream. Cook isomalt according to directions and add blue coloring. Pour out on silicone mat to create pond. When isomalt has completely cooled remove from silicone mat and place on fondant covered board. Sprinkle cake with white edible glitter and place penguins in desired locations.
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