Cupcake Christmas Tree Pull Apart Cake

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Cupcake Christmas Tree Pull Apart Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
23 baked and cooled cupcakes
green and brown buttercream icing
snowflake sprinkles
ornament picks
Arrange cupcakes in tree shape and cut cardboard just large enough to allow cupcakes to all sit on board. Wrap trunk part of board with brown foil and tree part with green foil. Use a small dot of buttercream to attach each cupcake to board. Spread brown icing over trunk of tree (two cupcakes) with a small spatula. Leave icing rough to make it look like bark. Spread a thin layer of green icing over remaining tree cupcakes. Fill pastry bag with green icing and fit with #352 tip. Starting at the base of the tree pipe first row of leaves pulling leaves toward base of tree. Make next row of leaves and slightly overlap first row. Repeat process over entire tree. Sprinkle with white snowflakes and place ornament picks and star candle on top.
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  • White Buttercream Icing
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  • #352 Leaf/Lily Petal Stainless Steel Tip
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