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Edible Beads and Pearls

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Edible Beads and Pearls
Ingredients and Supplies
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Beads may be used in various ways on cakes. The most popular way is to lay beads over swags on buttercream decorated cakes. Pipe two or three swags on a cake. Make a string of beads and place beads on the swags while icing is still wet.

1. Open the bead maker and hold in one hand. Brush each cavity in the bead-maker with luster or pearl dust.
2. Knead enough powdered sugar into the fondant or chocolate paste to get a very firm feel. Gum paste usually does not need additional powdered sugar.
3. Roll fondant, chocolate paste or gum paste into a rope at least the length of the bead-maker and a little larger than the bead diameter.
4.Place rope on a flat surface. Open bead-maker, center it, slit side down over rope and press bead- maker onto rope of fondant. Close the filled bead- maker.
5. Open bead-maker slightly to be sure all the beads are filled. If some beads seem flat, press in more fondant and re close bead-maker.
6. With spatula, scrape all excess fondant off along slit on the closed bead-maker.
7. Open the bead-maker and let beads fall from mold. Attach to cake with piping gel or place beads onto wet icing.< /p>

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    Bead Maker-12MM Silicone Mold
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    Bead Maker-6MM Silicone Mold
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    Bead Maker-8MM Silicone Mold
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    Bead Maker-4MM Silicone Mold
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