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Monogram Cupcakes in Pink Silver Blue

Idea gallery #1286
Monogram Cupcakes in Pink Silver Blue
Ingredients and Supplies
standard cupcakes
blue color
green color
pink color
silver luster dust
lemon oil
royal icing
tip #1
1" letter cutters
circle cutters
small paint brush
buttercream icing
piping gel
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Color fondant. Roll and cut blue fondant to cover the top of the cupcake. Lightly ice cupcake in buttercream and lay blue fondant piece over damp icing. Roll and cut green fondant to be smaller than the blue piece. Using a letter cutter, imprint the center of the green piece; being careful not to go completely through. In a small bowl, mix a small amount of luster dust and lemon oil together to make a paint. Using the small paint brush, paint the letter. Attach green piece to the center of cupcake with piping gel. With #1 tip and pink royal icing, dot the outside of the green circle. Attach small flower with piping gel.
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