Fall Leaves Wedding Cake

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Fall Leaves Wedding Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6", 9" and 12" cake
ivory rolled fondant
gold spray
assorted petal dust
gold luster dust
piping gel
Roll out fondant, roll over veiners and cut out leaves where the veiner imprinted. Continue to make 25 to 30 leaves. Place on flower formers and allow leaves to dry completely in different positions. Mix a yellow, orange, red and green luster dust with lemon oil to make a paintable liquid. Paint both sides of leaves and allow to dry. Brush all leaves with dry gold luster dust. Use 6mm bead maker to make several strings of beads. Spray beads with gold spray. Pipe bead of piping gel along base of each tier and attach pearls. Use piping gel to attach leaves to cake, place leaves so they cascade down front of cake.
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  • Bead Maker-6MM Silicone Mold
    Bead Maker-6MM Silicone Mold
    Unit: 1
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  • Creative Leaf Cutter Set
    Creative Leaf Cutter Set
    Unit: 1 set / 4 pcs. ...
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  • Gumpaste Leaf Veiner Set (A)
    Gumpaste Leaf Veiner Set (A)
    Unit: 1 set / 4 pcs. ...
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  • Gumpaste Leaf Veiner Set (B)
    Gumpaste Leaf Veiner Set (B)
    Unit: 1 set / 4 pcs. ...
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  • Lemon CK Super-Strength Oil
    Lemon CK Super-Strength Oil
    Unit: 1/2 fl. oz. bot...
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  • Ivory Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
    Ivory Satin Ice Rolled Fondant...
    Unit: 5 lb. tub
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  • Gold Sheen AmeriMist
    Gold Sheen AmeriMist
    Unit: 9 oz. bottle
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  • Gold PME Lustre Spray
    Gold PME Lustre Spray
    Unit: 1 can / 100 mL
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  • Piping Gel
    Piping Gel
    Unit: 1 lb. tub
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