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SWAK Envelope Cake

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SWAK Envelope Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
1/4 sheet cake
white rolled fondant
red rolled fondant
buttercream icing
funky letter cutters
lip candy mold
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Lightly ice cake with buttercream icing. Roll white fondant and gently lift to cover cake. Rub the top of the cake firmly and gently by shifting your hands down over the edge to the sides, rubbing in a smooth back and forth motion, taking care not to stretch the fondant downwards. Gently ease the fondant to the side of the cake, by lifting and smoothing, taking care to avoid creases. Cut off any excess at the base with a sharp knife or a mini pizza cutter. Be careful not to cut too close to the cake. Round out the cut bottom edge of the fondant gently with your hand. Roll another piece of white fondant and cut in a triangular shape to make the envelope flap. Use sharp knife or pastry cutter to make diagonal lines in cake to resemble lines of an envelope. Lay triangular shape overlapping the top of the cake to make the flap applying with piping gel. Smooth edges of flap over the top and corners. Using red fondant, cut the letter s, w, a, and k. Use a small round tip to make your periods. Attach letters with piping gel. Push a piece of red fondant in to the lip candy mold; remove and attach to envelope cake with piping gel.
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