Little Monsters Cake

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Little Monsters Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
  • cake drum
  • cake baked in umbrella pan
  • bread knife
  • buttercream icing
  • light blue rolled fondant
  • blued rolled fondant
  • white rolled fondant
  • black rolled fondant
  • lime green folled fondant
  • orange rolled fondant
  • sharp paring knife or pastry wheel
  • small round cutters
  • piping gel
  • paper for patterns
  • alphabet cookie cutters
  • cake cardboard
Bake cake and allow to cool. Using bread knife, cut off molded umbrella and rain drops to make the top of the cake smooth. Cut a cake cardboard the same size as the cake and lay cake on the board. Crumb coat cake with buttercream icing. Roll out light blue fondant and cover cake.
Prepare drum for cake by covering with lime green fondant using a brush and piping gel. Cut our 1" circles randomly on the board with circle cutter and replace circles with orange fondant cut with the same cutter. Lay cake on board over the lime green fondant.
Using paper, make patterns for the monsters arms, feet, and teeth. Cut patterns and trace fondant with paring knife. Attach feet and arms with piping gel but lay the teeth pattern over the light blue fondant to cut out where the white fondant will lay-in. Use the same pattern to cut the white fondant; brush fondant with piping gel and lay-in the teeth. Use larger round cutter to cut out light blue fondant where eyes will lay-in. Cut black fondant with the same cutter, brush with piping gel and lay-in empty eye holes. Cut name with letter cutters and attach to board with piping gel.
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