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Dog Paw and Bone Cake

Idea gallery #1123
Dog Paw and Bone Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
9" cake
brown, light brown and tan fondant
paw print and bone sugar lay-ons
green buttercream icing
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Ahead of time hand mold dog and dog bowl and allow to dry. Create dog house with light brown fondant using cookie cutter for front of house. Hand cut all other pieces. Use straight edge to emboss lines in front and sides of house and use hand fondant tool to create texture on roof. Assemble with royal icing and allow to dry completely. Cover cake in dark brown fondant. Using a grass tip pipe tufts of grass around base of cake and in a couple spots on top of the cake. Place house, bowl, dog and bone on top of tufts of grass. Use a small dot of buttercream to attach paw prints on side of cake.
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