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Thanksgiving Decorated Sucker

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Thanksgiving Decorated Sucker
Ingredients and Supplies
one pound of candy coating or real chocolate
lollipop sucker mold
sucker sticks
candy writers
sugar layons or royal icing decorations
squeeze bottles
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Melt candy coating or melt and temper real chocolate. Pour into a squeeze bottle. Next, using a squeeze bottle filled with your melted candy coating; fill the round cavities of the round sucker molds. Tap gently to smooth out surface and get rid of any air bubbles. Immediately after, put sucker stick into the mold, with the stick about half way up the length of the mold to provide support. Let your chocolate set up. Once the chocolate suckers are dry, pop them out of the candy molds. Prepare your colored candy coatings to decorate with. Follow instructions for warming up candy writers or make a pastry bag out of a parchment triangle and fill half way with melted candy coating. Cut the tip of your candy writer or parchment bag to make a small hole. With the tip of the bag/tube close to the sucker and with even pressure, squeeze out the coating as you move your arm, making a design as you go. Drizzles, dots, and lines are the easiest. You can write messages and make patterns as well. Decorate with sugar decorations by squeezing a little coating on the back of your decoration and placing it on the sucker. Let dry.
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