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Skull Mints

Idea gallery #1221
Skull Mints
Ingredients and Supplies
black candy coating
white empire chocolate transfer sheet
round buttery crackers
peppermint oil
white candy coating
dipping tool
skull lay-on
parchment paper
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Cut transfer sheet into squares just larger than crackers. Melt black candy coating and add approximately 15 drops of peppermint oil per pound of candy coating. Use a dipping tool to dip crackers, allow excess to drip off and place on parchment paper. Place transfer sheet on top of cracker with the texture side down while candy coating is still wet. Smooth down with finger. Allow chocolate to completely set and then remove transfer sheet. Use a small paint brush or parchment cone with small hole to paint black details on skull candy mold. Allow details to set and then fill remainder of cavity with white chocolate coating. Place mold in freezer and allow to completely set. Remove skulls from mold and attach to crackers with a dot of melted chocolate.
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