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Uncle Sam Pops

Idea gallery #1330
Uncle Sam Pops
Ingredients and Supplies
cake balls
pressed cake ball mixture
star cookie cuttter
white candy coating
sucker sticks
assorted sprinkles/confetti
parchment bags
patriotic hat rings
black candy coating
candy eyes
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Stars - use cookie cutter to cut shapes out of your pressed cake ball mixture in the jelly roll pan. Prepare shapes for dipping by placing candy-coated sticks into the bottoms of your shapes. Place in refrigerator to set chocolate. It is very important to place stick half-way through the shape; failure to do so may result in the shape falling off the stick. Hold shape over the bowl full of candy coating and spoon coating over the shape. Allow excess coating to fall; be careful not to tap the shapes because tapping could loosen the hold of the stick. Place shape into holder and let dry. If adding sprinkles or confetti, sprinkle immediately before placing into holder to dry.

Uncle Sam - dip pop into the melted coating and tap off any excess coating. Let dry. Using a skewer or toothpick, dot a nose where the face will be. Using small parchment bag with white coating, draw hair with back and forth motion on top of pop. Using a black candy (a small confetti bat was used in the picture) for the mouth, attach with a dot of chocolate. Once mouth is dry, draw mustache and beard with small parchment bag. Attach candy eyes with a dot of chocolate. When eyes are dry, draw eyebrows with small parchment bag. Once eyebrows are dry, attach hat to top of pop with small amount of chocolate on the ring band; hold to pop until chocolate dries.

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