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Filling in a Sheet Cake

Idea gallery #492
Filling in a Sheet Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
pastry filling
cake slicer
cake board
sideless cookie sheet
large spatula
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Bake cake. Allow to cool. Place cake on serving tray. Cut top perfectly level with cake slicer. Adjust cake slicer to slice cakes in two parts as shown. Gently slide a sideless cookie sheet between the cut layers of the cake and lift top layer off. *If cake is larger than 9 x 13" cut the top layer in half and remove half at a time. Squeeze filling on the cake layer and spread evenly with a bent spatula, leaving 1/2" all the way around the edge of the cake (so pastry filling does not squirt out when layers are put together). Slide top layer on top of filling. Ice cake with buttercream or rolled icing.
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    Cookie Sheet-13" x 14"
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