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I'm 1 Cake

Idea gallery #1550
I'm 1 Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6", 8", and 10" cake
light blue rolled fondant
Mod Circle texture sheet
yellow candy coating
orange candy coating
light blue candy coating
cake spatula
1 1/2" circle cutter
1 3/4" circle cutter
number cutters
piping gel
number 1 candle
orange rolled fondant
yellow rolled fondant
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Roll light blue fondant and cover all three cakes. Prepare cakes for stacking and put together on cake stand or drum. Cut texture sheet the height of the cake layers; tape sheet together so that is reaches all the way around layer. Use a brush or small parchment bag filled with candy coating to highlight some of the circles with yellow or orange coating. Allow to set at room temperature then spread melted candy coating on sheet. Allow chocolate to "just set" and form sheet around cake. Place in refrigerator to set. Once set, remove cake from refrigerator. Cut fondant circles; for the blue ones, use the 1 3/4" cutter and for the orange ones, use the 1 1/2' cutter. Cut numbers out of yellow fondant. Assemble circles with number on top using piping gel. Attach to side of cake with piping gel. Insert candle in to top of cake.
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