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Hammond & Laakso - Enjoy Life's Cookies for Everyone!

Hammond & Laakso - Enjoy Life's Cookies for Everyone!

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Enjoy Life's™ Cookies for Everyone! offers allergy-free cookies, brownies and bars that are safe and delicious. Each of the 150 recipes are free of gluten as well as the eight most common allergens, thus taking the guesswork out of determining which recipes are safe—and which are a risk. Culinary expert Leslie Hammond teaches readers how to use naturally allergy-free ingredients and substitutes to add richness, texture, pizzazz and nutritional content to cookies and bars without losing the “yummy” factor. Each recipe is vetted for taste and safety by the Enjoy Life® company, a leader in delicious and healthful allergy-free foods.

Paperback, full color, 240 Pages.
ISBN: 9781592333691