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Graduation Key Cookies

Idea gallery #1534
Graduation Key Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
cut-out cookie dough
key cookie cutter
graduation cap cookie cutter
run sugar icing
pink food coloring
black food coloring
edible pearl spray
parchment triangles
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Cut out and bake cookies. Color run sugar icing and place in parchment bags with small openings. Be sure to cover openings of bags with a damp towel as to not dry out the icing. Outline the cookie and fill in with icing. Allow icing to dry hard on the graduation cap, then spray with pearl spray and add tassle.
Matching Images
  • Cookie Cutter - Graduation Cap
    Cookie Cutter - Graduation Cap
    Unit: 1
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  • Key Cookie Cutter
    Key Cookie Cutter
    Unit: 1
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  • Royal Icing Mix
    Royal Icing Mix
    Unit: 1 lb. bag
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  • Super Black Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8001)
    Super Black Americolor® Soft G...
    Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
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  • Neon/Electric Pink Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-7964)
    Neon/Electric Pink Americolor®...
    Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
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  • Metallic Pearl Color Mist
    Metallic Pearl Color Mist
    Unit: 1.5 oz. can
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  • 12" Parchment Triangles
    12" Parchment Triangles
    Unit: 125/pkg.
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