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Parchment Bags

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Parchment Bags
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Parchment bags allow the greatest control over the flow of the melted candy coating. Fill parchment bags with melted coating to paint details inside the mold or for piping details on finished candies. They also make clean-up easy. Simply throw the used bags away when done! Making the bag takes practice to master, but parchment bags truly are a wonderful way to pipe with candy coating.
Make a parchment cone. Carefully fill cone, no more than half full, with melted coating or melted and tempered chocolate. Pipe design on finished candy or if molding, paint the details with the melted candy coating in the mold.

1. Fold corner A to meet corner B, forming a cone.

2. Fold corner C to meet corner B, keeping the cone shape.

3. Cross over corners A and C, making a W.

Tip: Tape may be used to secure the position of the cone. Always keep D in a tight point.

Instructions taken with permission from Autumn Carpenter's Book, All About Candy Making. All rights reserved.

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