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Sweet Pea Baby Shower Cake

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Sweet Pea Baby Shower Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6" and 8" cake iced in buttercream
2 lbs. light green coating chocolate
4 oz. dark green fondant
2 oz. flesh colored fondant
green buttercream icing
dot explosion texture sheet
wavy dots texture sheet
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Melt light green candy coating. Cut the texture sheet in a strip long enough to fit around the side of the cake. You may need to tape strips together to make it long enough-- tape raisied sides. The strips should be cut to the height of the cake. Place the cut strip, raised side down, on top of a silicone mat, or parchment paper. Place the medium size perfection strips on both sides of the texture sheet. With a brush, coat the strip with a thin layer of melted candy coating brushing all the details, to avoid air bubbles. Pour melted candy coating over the texture sheet, spreading it to nearly the edge. Use a cookie sheet with a straight edge and drag over the perfection strips: these strips allow for consistent thickness. Pick up and move to clean space. Allow chocolate on the strip to cool until it is almost set (generally 5-10 minutes). Don’t let it set too long, or it will crack when you try to put it around the cake. While it is setting, pipe buttercream on the side for the strip to attach. Place strip around the cake. Place in the refridgerator for 20-30 minutes. Remove texture sheet. Repeat process for both tiers. Cut 6" and 8" circles out of the texture sheet and repeat same process attaching to top of cake. Dot explosion was used on the 8" tier and wavy dots on the 6" tier on this cake.

Stack cake using your preferred method. Use pastry bag filled with green buttercream and fitted with #6 tip to pipe balls around bottom and top edge of both cakes. Use green fondant to roll small balls and place around edges. Use green and flesh fondant to hand mold baby in pea pod for cake top or use pre-made topper. Roll green fondant very thin and cut out letters. Allow letters to dry slightly and then attach to cake using a small amount of water to adhere.

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